About the Machine Tool Engineering Foundation

The Machine Tool Engineering Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation that was established on July 17, 1979 with permission from the Minister of Commerce and Industry (currently Economy, Trade and Industry), based on donations from entities such as Tsunezo Makino, the founder of Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd., with the objective of promoting scholarship, science, and technology. On April 20, 2012, the foundation was certified as a public interest corporation by the Prime Minister of Japan.
The Foundation does not fall under the “special civil law corporation” which has a close relationship with the nation.

Objective of the Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is to contribute to the sound development of the machinery industry, and thereby contribute to the development of the national economy, based on helping cultivate researchers and engineers who are involved in enhancing the quality and performance of, and improving and streamlining the production and usage of, machine tools through assisting with the development of basic and applied technologies related to the development, production, and use of machine tools.

Description of Services

The Foundation carries out the following promotion services.

Awards services

The Foundation selects papers related to machine tool technologies that are particularly outstanding, taking into consideration factors such as novelty, originality, and applicability to industry, and commends these with two types of machine tool technology promotion awards.
Commendations are also given to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in human resource development.

Experimental research promotion services

In order to promote research tests related to machine tool technologies carried out by specialists such as scholars and researchers at universities and experimental research institutes, the Foundation gives grants for experimental research that can be expected to greatly contribute to the development and progress of machine tools. The results of such research are distributed to persons involved with machine tool technologies in the form of experimental research reports.

International conference support services

In order to contribute to the cultivation of researchers and engineers, the Foundation provides support for the participation in, and the holding of international conferences related to machine tool technologies.